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When two words agree, or one word agrees with another word, they have the same grammatical size. For example, the words may both be singular or plural, masculine or feminine, etc.
agree khổng lồ vì chưng sth Federal regulators & US lenders agreed lớn freeze interest rates on subprime mortgages for five years.

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be agreed by/between sb/sth Any change to branch rules must be agreed by two thirds of members at the branch meeting.
agree sth UK The union"s national executive sầu committee will meet on Thursday lớn agree the new strategy.

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agree that The credit card company agreed that we"d been overcharged & will credit the amount in our next bill.
At a particular "real" moment, will doctor, nurse, patient, and family agree to what had been planned when the topic was "theoretical"?
In the above sầu conversation, the nurse followed up her responsibilities agreed at the discharge planning meeting regarding discussing discharge issues with the patient.
However, all researchers agree that both elements are required if we are lớn underst& the potential role & limitations of a specific psychological therapy.
Their families, recruited from local birth records, had agreed to lớn participate with their children in a longitudinal study of language development.
We also agree with the authors that what subjects are told about a task can be of central importance, even when deception is not involved.
I entirely agree, but only because this is a true story told from a first-person perspective sầu, which does not, unfortunately, escape epiphenomenalism.
But despite such differences, they agreed that teaching content was more effectively delivered by their music teachers.
Many will no doubt agree with this conclusion even if they bởi vì not agree with the path this book took to lớn reach them.
It is shown that the experimental data agree well with the analytical results predicted by the theoretical Mã Sản Phẩm.
In arts và fashion people recognize styles when they see them, and people often agree on what is stylish or what is not.