Self-sufficient là gì

the chất lượng or state of being able to provide everything you need, especially food, without the help of other people or countries:

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One way khổng lồ increase food self-sufficiency is to buy local, whether it is in a farmers" market or in a store.
the unique of being able lớn take care of yourself, to lớn be happy, or to lớn khuyến mãi with problems, without help from other people:

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the fact of being able to provide everything you need for yourself, especially food, without buying from or being helped by others:
The paradigm of staple food self-sufficiency that has been the cornerstone of agricultural policy in most developing countries becomes increasingly obsolete with economic growth.
These results can shed light on the issue of national self-sufficiency & international sharing of resources (donors).
The mission school included a programme of economic self-sufficiency through the introduction of domestic reindeer husbandry.
These findings indicate that a substantial part of the old guard follow the organic igiao dịch & traditions of mixed farming & farm household self-sufficiency.
Farmers therefore preferred khổng lồ abandon this speciality and use the available land for food crops in order khổng lồ ensure food self-sufficiency.

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Disrupted parenting is the common element, making a contribution to both impaired self-sufficiency và khổng lồ antisocial behavior.
In fact, compared to the efficiency (and self-sufficiency) of photosynthesis, much more energy is squandered when one animal consumes another or consumes plant material.
It can, after all, be assumed that everyone agrees that the lack of self-sufficiency or lachồng of initiative are not necessarily self-chosen or self-produced.
Also, during this time sale of local maize remained feeble because production was not great enough for self-sufficiency.
Another insight offered by a feminist approach to lớn this topic is an understanding of the devaluing of social connection in favour of self-sufficiency.




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